Product Sustainability Index: EnviroLok

Product Name: EnviroLok - Vegetated Retaining Walls
Manufactured in what Country: Canada
Raw Materials: 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene
Efforts to reduce material waste during the manufacturing process:100% of virgin product used in assembly. No waste by-product
Efforts to reduce Carbon Emissions, Waste Water, etc: When compared to manufacture of concrete, Envirolok represents a 97% reduction in GHGE

How is this product superior: Provides a permanent vegetated structural alternative to hardscape systems like gabion baskets, concrete, or stone
How does this product reduce inputs: Less GHG emissions during production, sequesters carbon and encourages establishment of vegetation
Does this product help reduce energy: Reduces Heat Island Effect, which lessens power requirements and load on mechanical cooling systems

Features meant to improve longevity of product: Permanent erosion control, engineered to 120 years
Waste generated during installation or use of product: No waste

Added Comments:

EnviroLok is the manufacturer and supplier of a green bioengineering methodology and system for building 3 dimensional mechanically interlocked soft vegetated earth-scaping systems for erosion control, retaining walls, slope stability & streambank protection. EnviroLok has demonstrated appeal where immediate structural stability and integrity is required and a vegetated outcome is desired. EnviroLok can be simply engineered to fit applications where conventional bioengineering or hard solutions can’t work functionally or economically. Furthermore, with the inclusion of PermaMatrix, a Biotic Soil Amendment incorporating Biochar, EnviroLok structures can sequester carbon for an added environmental benefit.

The EnviroLok system employs a unique patented connector to provide 3-d interlocking strength to structures prior to vegetation, which can be accomplished by way of hydroseeding, live plugging, brush layering or live staking. The EnviroLok system is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to other soft bioengineering solutions and hardscaping materials such as gabion baskets, rip-rap, manufactured stone, armourstone or concrete.

With respect to other hardscape systems and other similar products, EnviroLok offers the following advantages:

Structural Integrity
1. EnviroLok provides internal and external structural integrity prior to the establishment of vegetation and becomes stronger with maturity. Offers soft positive 3-dimensional mechanical interlocking which accommodates seismic activity and differential settlement without effecting integrity
2. EnviroLok can be mechanically connected to geogrid, soil nails or earth anchors to provide soft permanent armouring protection and can be installed under rip rap for additional scour protection. Can also be mechanically connected to bedrock and/or armourstone to provide soft buffer toe protection

3. Engineered to 120 years, EnviroLok will not rot or mildew, is non-biodegradable and is resistant to damage from insects and rodents

4. Provides wave action absorption and high velocity channel flow protection to minimize secondary erosion effect.

5. GTX bags provide filtration and sedimentation functionality and are water permeable, meaning full face drainage, which minimizes site specific drainage requirements. Also minimizes the disruption of natural water flows and reduces stormwater run-off. Additionally with inclusion of specific media, EnviroLok can filter specific contaminants.

Superior Vegetation/Restoration Outcome
1. EnviroLok creates small lifts of high quality soil confined within double layer geosynthetic every 150mm

2. Provides consistent & contained high quality growing medium to 100% of the face of structures. No bulging, seepage or contamination with other soils void of nutrients

3. Eco-zones every 5” where water accumulates and native seeds can germinate

4. EnviroLok can be hydroseeded, live staked, brush layered, live plugged or all methods combined

5. Can be planted or pre-seeded with native species to benefit from deep rooting

6. EnviroLok can be field fitted around existing trees to protect root systems and re-establish lost soils

7. Structures can mimic nature. Designs need not be linear. Natural contours, variable batter, and dynamic designs create beautified vegetated structures.

1. Can be installed in difficult to access sites requiring low-impact construction methodologies. No footings required.

2. System is quick, easy and forgiving to build

3. GTX bags can be pre-filled off-site to speed construction and minimize staging requirements

4. EnviroLok can be installed with low-skill, low-cost labour

5. Waste Management – Land clearing and water course waste materials can be chipped for inclusion in EnviroLok GTX bags minimizing off-site disposal

6. EnviroLok structures can be adapted to fit any terrain, grade changes or undulations and can be tiered to accommodate site specific conditions.