Video: RainBird Rotors Side Impact Testing

This is not a product promotion or part of the Product Sustainability Index, just an interesting video from RainBird. I like the design feature emphasized here because it could in theory produce less waste, save time and labor in changing damaged rotors (durability/longevity/permanence contribute to a products "sustainability"). I can't help but to wonder if the fittings and pipe are flexible enough underground to withstand the impact and movement of such impact. The video does not describe if rotation/performance is effected by such damage, but I guess if your sprinkler is in pieces it won't be very accurate either! - From RainBird:

How much force can your rotor withstand? See how we put Rain Bird rotors (as well as those of our competitors) to the test to demonstrate resistance to side impact - a critical performance metric for rotors in commercial irrigation applications.