Conservative Fairways on Faldo's Laguna Lang Co

Today's golf course developments are designed to be less dependent upon non-renewable resources - no matter where they are located. One such way is to reduce the amount of turf to be managed - simple enough right? Counter to the popular saying of "more is less", using less requires a lot more thought and effort. So how are today's architects meeting the needs of the environment while still providing a course that is player friendly?

For that we go to the Laguna Lang Co resort development in Vietnam. Paul Jansen, lead architect for Faldo Design, helps us understand how a reduction in playable turfgrass surfaces can lead to the sustainable use of resources while still providing a superior product that is appealing to a resort community.

No "Outright Ban" in BC, But Some Changes for Golf

"The majority of the committee does not think the scientific evidence, at this time, warrants an outright ban," - Liberal MLA Bill Bennett, Chair of BC's Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides.

There were however 17 recommendations included within the report, golf courses will want to pay particular attention to #16.

"Ask the golf industry to develop a province-wide certification process, or to modify an existing one, that will ensure a high standard of pesticide use by all golf courses in BC, including the use of IPM principles."

Fife Golf Trust - Driving The Green Across Public Golf Courses

Following in the footsteps of the world’s most famous public course - St.Andrews Links, the Fife Golf Trust has stepped up its commitment to environmental and social performance. The trust enrolled all seven of its public golf facilities in the GEO OnCourse™ programme, to work toward the international ecolabel for sustainable golf, GEO Certified™.

Auchterderran, View their GEO Profile here.