Product Sustainability Index

Turfhugger contributors have spent a lot of time defining the word "sustainable". Honestly, sometimes I feel like boycotting the word because of it's blatant miss-use and miss-representation. Instead, I've decided to attempt to further define "sustainable" in terms of product sustainability. The protocol is basic but guided by criteria listed in many of the fortune 500's sustainability indexes including Apple, WalMart and Disney.

I look at this index as an opportunity:
  • Most importantly it's an opportunity for superintendents, land managers and consultants to learn of products that don't just rely on marketing and catchy words but the ingenuity and insight required to create a product that is designed for efficiency, effectiveness and longevity. 
  • For manufacturers to highlight some of the environmental benefits and considerations of the product during manufacturing, it's lifetime and what happens to it after intended use. 
  • For Turfhugger to establish a new standard for products we showcase. 
  • Well... lets face it, we need this in the golf industry and National Golf Day is fitting.

If you think your product is up to the test and want it to be part of our Product Sustainability Index, request a form by email:

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Great Idea!