Greensmaster Lithium-Ion eFlex Revealed @GIS11

The "Greensmaster World Premier" took place this evening in Orlando #GIS11 (as it's known on Twitter), so we've decided to post details of Toro's latest "green" creation the Lithium-Ion Powered Greensmaster eFlex walk behind mower. First is an introduction to Toro's "EnergySmart" concept, and secondly we've listed some product details. Enjoy!

From Toro:

The EnergySmart concept is about efficiency with an eye on environmental sustainability, economic viability and social responsibility. It represents customer-valued innovation with a "green" twist.

Investment in product innovation must balance efficiency and sustainability. Reducing or eliminating key resource inputs like fuel and/or labor, by developing new equipment solutions, is fundamentally sound – but no longer enough to satisfy customers or our communities. We must do more. We must be attentive to both your ongoing financial and environmental needs.

Greensmaster® TriFlex™ Hybrid riding mowers and Greensmaster® eFlex™ walk mowers are the first products from The Toro Company to display the EnergySmart label. Numerous innovations come together to justify this mark. The energy source, itself, is not always the most significant source for generating related value.

The new Greensmaster® eFlex™ Lithium-Ion powered walk greensmowers, have:

  • No CO2 Emissions and Quiet Operation
  • Custom designed, highly efficient, energy-saving components
  • Productivity features that reduce the time to operate, maintain, or perform repairs
  • Features that enhance turf health – to reduce the likelihood of rework
  • The EnergySmart™ label is Toro's way to communicate a meaningful combination of innovative features that yield resource savings and sustainability improvements for your golf course. Moreover, it is a symbol to your members and local community of your course's commitment to a more sustainable environment.

Cutting Performance
The new Greensmaster® eFlex™, available in both 18 and 21 inch cutting widths, takes Toro's industry leading cutting performance, which utilizes our patented flex suspension and DPA cutting units, to a whole new sound decibel and cut quality level. Each new eFlex walk mower delivers the same consistent quality of cut - independent of ground speed - as our time tested Flex models. The easy to change built in clip adjustments, combined with various reel options and accessories, can accommodate seasonal changes and/or any specific playing conditions you're trying to achieve. Improved clippings capture also promises to drive improved after cut appearance and healthier turf.

Lithium-ion Battery technology provides ample power to mow up to 45,000 square feet (9 average greens) on a single charge. The battery is sized to also support keyaccessories such as groomers and light kits. A simple belt-drive transmission system, that drives both the traction and reel, is designed to transfer power to where it is needed most at any given time. The eFlex also has a patented EZ-Turn feature for improved control in turns and slight boost in overall cutting productivity. Finally, anadvanced Lithium Ion battery management systemensures maximum battery life and facilitates battery charge management for widely varying use cases.

The Lithium Ion battery technology is truly a game changer. One battery will last up to five years under typical operating conditions. A conveniently located Thumb-wheel electronic traction control, easy-to-reach lever to engage both the traction drum and reel, and easy-to-reach service/parking brake provide simple and precise operator control. In addition, the eFlex comes with a safetykey switch and LCD controller display to monitor Lithium Ion battery status and machine diagnostics.

The new eFlex has minimized the daily maintenance required for an electric walk greensmower. There are numerous features that also simplify the key activities necessary to perform scheduled maintenance or repairs. From our easy removal of the cutting unit, to no grease points, to the simple belt drive transmission to thekickstand assist and traction drive release lever, to theadvanced computer diagnostics, the new eFlex walk greensmowers are loaded with features that minimize technician time and maximize your return on investment.