Turfhuggers Efforts Covered on TurfNet

John Reitman of TurfNet recently covered our efforts to create map markers for use in Scribblemaps free online mapping program. I've posted some article snippets below with a few extra notes. Thanks John.

"It’s not that David Phipps dislikes his arborculturist, but so much the better if the two do not have to meet prior to initiating any tree-management projects. In fact, it only makes sense not to waste time with face-to-face meetings if Phipps is able to communicate, down to the smallest detail, everything the arborculturist needs to know about upcoming tree work at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City, Ore."

“I am able to mark particular trees, attach photos of the trees and the work that needs to be done,” Phipps said. “Then I can send the map to my arborculturist, who can go in and give me an estimate without ever coming here.” 

"Chris Tritabaugh of Northland Country Club uses Scribble Maps for among other uses, to map offseason snowshoe and cross-country ski trails on the course in Duluth, Minn."

Recognizing that superintendents could utilize Scribble Maps, Morrison recently helped the creators of the platform add golf-specific place markers, including those designed to highlight fuel supplies, equipment wash areas, fertilizer and chemical storage areas, irrigation heads, quick couplers and no-spray zones.

Here are the Map Markers, If you would like to use these for another mapping program, email us at info@turfhugger.com and we'll send them to you.