A Quick Look at Bathurst Glen

I was lucky enough to tour Bathurst Glen a couple of times back in 2008 and 09. I was very impressed by the collective efforts of all staff whose common goal is to "respect the environment". One thing that stands out to me is that the course is managed by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, a watershed management agency that delivers services and programs that protect and manage water and other natural resources in partnership with government, landowners and other organizations. 

This segment from Rogers TV's A Greener York discusses the process and steps that are taken to gain and keep this certification.

Note: there are plenty of golf clubs that have integrated environmental study classes from local schools in to their operations in Canada, the video claims Bathurst Glen is the only one.


The Toronto Region Conservation Authority as a management company?! Awesome. I wonder if golf course owners in the states would be open to an idea like that?

Side note, when they mentioned the birdhouses being installed to attract native bird species(4:58), did they actually film the European House Sparrow?

Haha, good eye Andy, they are definitely the introduced sparrow.