High-Tech Eco-Course in Spain

An interesting Promo Video about the environmental features at Mosa Trajectum, crazy stuff actually:
"We use 'Controlled and Slow Release Fertilisers' in combination with a biodegradable foam mixed into the earth under our golf courses to protect the groundwater and completely avoid the contamination of the groundwater with fertilisers. It also reduces the evaporation of water by 70%. 
The lakes in Mosa Trajectum are the first in the world to be free from legionella and of low microbiological contamination through the inclusion of ionised oxygen. This method is unique in the world! We purify wastewater and rainwater in our very own pioneering purification plant. 

We have the very first completely ecological golf course in Spain."

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Wow - pretty nice. To the average golfer, the fairways and greens may look a little lack-luster. But that's what being environmentally-friendly golf course is all about.