Vermigrand Worm Compost Tea Products

Vermi, or worm casting products, have promise in our industry. Here's a short video showing production, product use and shows Tom Gilchrist, Head Greenkeeper at Golf Club Vienna, using the Vermigrand program in his top-dressing and over-seeding programs.

From the Turf Section of the Vermigrand website

Use the benefits of VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS!
Usage on Greens:
  • For faster and better rate of germination
  • Mixed with Quartz- or Lava-sand as a topdressing
  • Mixed with Quartz- or Lava-sand after aerification
  • Before laying a sod
  • For prolonging the season (also for melting snow)

Duration of effect:

Healthy soil life:Long-term
Nutrient availability:Medium-term
Plant growth substances:Medium-term
Humus compound:Long-term
Stabile soil crumble:Long-term
Reduce your costs:Long-term

Characteristics of VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS

Healthy soil life
  • Helps your Turf to protect against germination of root and leaf diseases
  • Delivers the nutrients to your plant
  • Creates high mineralizing activity
  • Brings a decrease in thatch and anaerobic zones
  • Helps to prolong the season
Nutrient availability

    • Good diversity on main and trace elements covers the 

    • nutrient requirements of your turf
  • Activates already fixed (blocked) phosphor or potassium
  • Can be the solution for nutrient blockade or disharmony
Plant growth substances
  • Auxins, Gibberellins, and Cytokinins are phytohormons and effect a faster and higher rate of germination and also stronger root growth
Humus compounds
  • Stable humus compounds tie salts and offers room for microbes
  • Fulvo and Humic acids are important ion exchangers
Soil crumble
  • Increased soil crumble structure means lower compaction
  • Enlarged air space volume creates more room for roots, air and soil life
  • Better water regulation capacities provides water when your turf asks for it, but does not end up in water logging.
  • Produced from energy efficient and carbon neutral organic compounds
  • Turf care that is good for your climate, good for your soil and environmentally friendly!
And reduce your Costs!
  • Reduced costs on pesticides due to your turf being recovered
  • Reduced costs on maintenance and enhanced course availability for members
  • Save money and care for the environment at the same time!