Artificial, But Natural?

I'm not a fan of artificial turf, but I think this product is a huge improvement on traditional rubber crumb versions. The 10 Environmental Benefits listed after the video are definitely compelling. From GeoTurfUSA:

New York City's Riverdale Country School - The nation's First "Organic" Artificial Turf Field by Geo Turf USA. Geo Turf's organic infill is made with coconut fibers and cork and is a perfect alternative to crumb rubber turf infill systems. It's 100% recyclable, lead-free and creates cooler surface temperatures. Geo Turf is endorsed by the U.S. Green Energy Council and is one of only five FIFA Preferred Producers Worldwide!

Environmental Benefits throughout Life Cycle

1. Sourcing of Materials
Optimal use of recycled materials is maximized for the production of Geo Safe Play’s organic infill.

2. Factory Manufactures Turf System
Patented manufacturing processes save energy and materials over traditional production methods.

3. Shipping to Contractor
Due to the lower bulk density of Geo Safe Play’s InfillPro products, energy expenditure and transportation costs between the factory and installation are reduced.

4. Preparation and Installation
With our optional impact-absorbing sub-base, time, energy and money are saved with less disturbance to the natural environment from deep excavations.

5. Integration with Environment
Contaminated water runoff is eliminated by virtue of the organic and non-toxic ingredients. Water can be redistributed to its immediate environment.

6. Field Replacement
After years of intensive use, there are many environmentally-conscious, cost-saving options for refurbishing, replacing or removing a field. Conversion to our GeoGreen Hybrid can retain the durable turf fibers while seeding the field for natural grass growth.

7. Removal and Disposal
All materials are either organic or 100% recyclable, reducing the huge and often overlooked end-of-life costs. Disposal of hazardous materials containing lead and other toxins from an average size sports field can cost as much as $300,000.

8. Material Sorting and Cleaning
All Geo Safe Play organic or thermoplastic infills are recycled or raw, virgin materials that are lead-free, non-toxic and are easily recycled or disposed. Clean, safe and energy efficient materials are the number one priority for our synthetic turf systems.

9. Recycled Content
Organic, thermoplastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyurethane turf materials are 100% recyclable for use in countless plastic-molded consumer products including automobiles, furniture, toys and electronics.

10. Re-use and dispersion
The organic, all-natural infill can be directly dispersed into the environment as a thermal barrier in natural planting areas, or used as a stable planting medium.