A Look At Kiawah Golf Resort

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Southern Carolina is a leader in sustainability in our industry. They have plenty awards for their numerous projects and have truly made an impression with environmentalists, local residents and their guests. Below you'll find many examples of their projects and how they communicate their actions to guests and community.

Scott Fister of Kiawah Island Golf Resort, discusses sustainability and the resort's "green" practices.

What other Sustainability efforts are happening at Kiawah? From their website:

Community Relations
Just as our beloved Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Painted Buntings play integral roles within our coastal ecosystem, Kiawah lsland Golf Resort plays an integral part in the Charleston Community. By placing a concerted effort on repurposing usable items, conserving water and energy, and focusing on our local economy KIGR is fulfilling a beneficial niche.

Sustainable Food Initiative
"Sustainable" is food that is harvested in a manner that does not risk the health or future of the harvested population. While not comprimising quality or guest satisfaction, efforts will be made to find local sources, organic products, and humane treatment of animals. Third party certifications will be sought out to verify these efforts where applicable.

Sustainable Product Availability
Increase the availability of more environmentally, socially and economically responsible products and services for guests, as well as employee use. Sustainability will be judged by the whole lifecycle of the product from extraction of raw materials, transportation, use and finally to proper disposal.

Harmful Materials Reduction
Achieve 100% recycling of all batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and e-waste. Emphasis will be placed on properly disposing paint and vehicle oil filters. Increase the availability of less harmful cleaning products, especially those chemicals that may be washed into our local wetland systems.

Solid Waste Reduction
Participation from all departments in KIGR's waste minimization programs is mandatory to the best of their abilities and spatial limitations. KIGR constantly monitors and manages recycling and trash pick-ups for the most efficient use of resources to best serve our guests and the Lowcountry. The types of items collected for rescue, recycling and composting, in addition to points of collection, will continue to expand to reduce the volume of land-filled material.

Sustainable Systems Committee
interested employees will serve as the liaison between our Sustainability Coordinator and their department. Persons should be passionate about the cause and have good communication skills. This person will monitor and advise their coworkers on the Resort's sustainability initiatives.

Kiawah Golf Resort makes it easy for their guests to experience the sustainable practices. The "Nature Notes" newsletter focuses on the resorts green efforts. This particular issue describes their "Sustainable Seafood Initiative".