"Use of biological products growing among turf pros"

Golf Course Industry Magazine, among many others, recently released a review of a Lebanon Turf Surevy and the Use of biological products growing among turf pros. Awesome.
This is exactly the kind of info our industry needs to spread around and be proud of.
From the Golf Course Industry Magazine article:

"According to survey respondents, 51 percent currently use biological products as part of their normal turf fertility program; 45 percent said they expect to increase their use of biologicals in the next two years.
Sixty-six percent use biologicals as a complement to traditional fertilizer products, while 31 percent said they are experimenting with these types of products. Less than 1 percent said they use biologicals exclusively.
“The research confirms the momentum building for bionutrional products and the growing belief in their benefits,” said Dave Heegard, general manager of LebanonTurf.
Ninety percent of respondents said they consider biological products either essential (30 percent) or moderately important (60 percent) to their fertility programs.
In addition to improved plant health and appearance (53 percent) and environmental friendliness (35 percent), 12 percent indicated “cost-effectiveness when compared to traditional fertilizers” as an “important” benefit of bionutrition.
Tees and greens are the areas where most biological products are being applied, although 21 percent said they also use biologicals on fairways.
Ninety-five percent of those responding said they were either very satisfied (31 percent) or mostly satisfied (64 percent) with the results they achieved with biological products."