Top Golf Coach Preaches Sustainability


I've covered Dixon Golf before, but never the players they sponsor. This article highlights how Jeff Ritter, recently named one of the sports best young teachers by GolfDigest, also teaches his students about sustainability.

From the Press Release:
"Aside from being a professional instructor at ASU Karsten Golf Course, Ritter is also sponsored by Dixon Golf, the first eco-friendly golf company. Dixon Golf provides Ritter and his students with golf balls in the hopes of increasing the awareness of sustainable golf.

“We could not be more proud of Jeff,” Dixon Golf CEO William Carey said. “Being named to this list just shows that Gold Digest saw in Jeff what we see, which is a young coach who exemplifies a holistic approach to golf and life.”

... and just for laughs, heres a little video showing Jeff shooting the cover for his book "Your Kid Ate a Divot!"