Britians on Board: Orgainc golf course makes the headlines


Organic golf is a touchy subject. Despite the figures you see in mainstream media of there only being one Organic golf course in the US, (Martha's Vineyard) I know of at least ten that claim no use of chemicals and one that some years doesn't even used rock minerals. Although these other courses don't host the president like the Vineyard does (articles discussing Obama and organic golf politics), they do promote the game and often operate at such a low overhead (no chemicals mean no infrastructure and machinery required to use them either!) that they make the game more feasible.

Is the future of golf Organic? Well... I believe Organics have an important role to play for sure.

Here's a great little article describing the experience at the New Malton Golf Club in the UK, from the article, and another one too:

"We don't use any pesticides and have been 100 per cent chemical-free for a year," said the golf course's co-owner Paul Stevenson. 

While Mr Stevenson claims the quality of the green is unaffected by his unorthodox approach, which involves using citric acid and sugar in lieu of chemicals, experts have questioned whether it is possible to create a quality golf course without the use of some weedkillers. Courses are often afflicted by various species of Fusarium fungus, which produce white rings on the grass, and are a prime breeding ground for anthracnose, a general term for a wide range of plant diseases especially common on turf that is under repeated stress. Golf professionals point out that the trend for chemical-free golf courses is also being undermined by an opposing trend for ever more luxuriant greens.

"We are fighting a marketing drive trend towards lusher, greener and more manicured courses – stimulating golfers to want to play on what they see on TV," said Jonathan Smith, chief executive of the Golf Environment Organisation. "New Malton is showing important leadership in a sector that already understands the need to minimise pesticide use."
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