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"Environmental Frontiers On the Blogosphere" is my working title for the environmental solutions I find on other turf/golf related websites. I'll refine the title and focus as time goes on, but I wanted to start now as we've got a great example of what a golf course is doing to reduce stress to turf.

At the Hasentree Golf Club in Wake Forest NC, Turf Superintendent Craig De Jong has been writing "The Hasentree Club Department of Agronomy" blog since July of 2008. Craig covers everything from course news to personal views. Recently, Craig covered his solution to what I imagine is a more common problem than most would first think. See the post after the jump.

"Since we began to spray hawk the greens at Hasentree, we have had only one problem. The problem being, wherever the sprayer is parked near a green to spray, a basketball shaped burn mark left behind on the turf. We finally figured out what it was, and where it was coming from, the exhaust pipe.

Since the sprayer sits at each green for 10-15 min, the
exhaust pipe blows hot air onto the turf causing it to burn out. I have heard about this problem with similar sprayers and various golf courses. Our Equipment Manager, Jim Swartzel, took charge and retrofitted an extension onto the the exhaust pipe making it point up in stead of out. Problem solved."

Interested in more?
Check out Craigs blog here or some of his recent posts listed below:

Thank you Craig De Jong for allowing us to refer to your blogs material, and keep it up!

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I've visited this course last summer with a friend who is a member, one of Fazios Best!