Anti-Golf Hits Venice Film Fest

I receive emails and phone calls daily about every possible issue related to golf and the environment. Recently a few friends brought to my attention a little film called Repo Chick. The film, a spin-off from an earlier success titled Repo Man, was written and directed by Alex Cox.

The story of Repo Chick, according to Variety, consists of “The terrorists' ultimate demands are for the President of the United States to close all golf courses (providing the opportunity for a ranting message against the wastefulness of golf), ban the sport entirely and also make the entire government go vegan”. So naturally, I tracked down this Alex Cox character to find out what his beef with golf is.

Repo Chick - Trailer
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- Could you let us in on some of the claims/opinions on the sport of golf from your film?

Alex Cox - Not without spoiling the intricate and thrilling plot of the film, which so far has only played in Venice!
– Do these claims reflect your personal views, or simply the views of the character?

Alex Cox – Now this is a good and perceptive question. Every interview I gave after the premiere involved journalists who imagined that the terrorists' agenda in the picture must be my agenda, too. But why would this be? The terrorists in FLIGHT 93 (the film) desire to destroy the White House with an aircraft filled with innocent people. But no journalists asked Paul Greengrass why he supported jihad against America. Why is REPO CHICK being treated differently? I don't know the answer to this, unless the journalists themselves have an anti-golf agenda and are hoping I will voice it for them. – The media have an anti-golf agenda? I don’t believe it. Ha!
Could the actions of your characters ever become reality, could/should golf be banned?

Alex Cox – I've read recently that President Hugo Chavez plans to ban golf in Venezuela (go here for details). But delving more deeply into the story it appears he has nationalized to private courses in order to turn them into public parks. Nevertheless this does suggest that the banning of golf, in certain circumstances, may occur. – Do you, or have you ever played golf?

Alex Cox – When I was a little kid there was a golf course behind our house - for the employees of Lever Brothers, in Port Sunlight, on the Wirral. I don't think I ever played golf, though I did wield the odd croquet mallet. – What would convince you to try the game?

Alex Cox – A thick brown envelope, full of cash.

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Thank you Alex Cox for allowing me some of your time for this interview.