This Week in Green Golf

PrideSports is the worlds leading producer of golf tees and the last remaining American manufacturer of wooden golf tees, has announced a business partnership with International Wood Fuels to share production facilities in Burnham Maine. This new partnership will:

  • 99% of the wood bi-products created from producing billions of golf tees is reclaimed and reused to create energy in the plant or is recycled for other industries.
  • A significant amount of his bi-product will be turned into renewable-energy wood pellets that will be used to heat homes, schools and businesses that would have otherwise burned fossil fuels.
  • This partnership will be capable of saving up to 133,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually through the manufacturing of wooden golf tees and the clean-burning wood pellets.
  • The proximity of the IWF facility will eliminate the need to transport these products and will conserve thousands of gallons of diesel fuel annually.
  • Will continue to use of 100% Maine Hardwoods
Joe Zeller, President/COO of PrideSports says "Our company accepted the challenge to set the benchmark for eco-friendliness and always finds ways to exceed our already high conservation standards. The Burnham facility is a shining example of how a U.S. factory can thrive in a competitive world economy and at the same time act in an environmentally responsible manner." More

Australias oldest golf course gets a water friendly facelift, read more about the renovations at Ballarat GC here.

Weed pulling and Quick Cupplers courtesy of the GCSAA "Sustainable Moments" video.

I've covered Justin Timberlakes new Mirimichi Course already, but here's a simple breakdown of the environmental features of the property from their site.

"Mirimichi is the first golf course in the country to be designated a Certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary. As part of the Classic Program, Mirimichi implemented sustainable resource management principles that incorporate wildlife conservation, habitat rehabilitation and enhancement, water conservation and water quality protection. The Audubon International certification requires a yearly audit to ensure that Mirimichi continues to implement these natural resource management principles. All Mirimichi employees are thoroughly trained in environmental stewardship."

" also working to add a fleet of electric golf carts powered by solar panels — as well as a future LEED-certified clubhouse and food and beverage operations that use recycled and biodegradable materials. Eventually, Mirimichi hopes to become the world’s first golf course to calculate its own carbon footprint."

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