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The Audubon Classic is a new service/certification through Audubon International. The program is much like their Signature service/certification that delivers a high standard for new properties, but deals with the restoration/reconstruction of older properties.

From Audubon International:
"Owners and managers of properties with existing land uses have expressed interest in joining a program of similar rigor to our Audubon Signature Program for new developments. These properties include ones being redeveloped or going through restoration for improvement, while maintaining the same use. The Audubon Classic Program is based upon Audubon International’s experience working with multiple property types and also takes into account that some properties have been developed for certain uses and might be constrained by the prior development. Like the Audubon Signature Program, the Audubon Classic Program takes an approach that is flexible and adaptable to almost any type of existing property, including redevelopment and restoration projects. Membership is open to existing properties in any country."

Teeing off the programs first property is Justin Timberlakes new club Mirimichi, formerly Big Creek Golf Course, located just north of Memphis.
Here's an article from Mephis's own commercialappeal.com describing his efforts.

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A little more on Mirimichi: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/jul/24/course-of-nature-l/