iPhone Apps For Golf Course Superintendents

While many criticize Apple’s products for their limited keyboard options, iJunkies reply “just turn it in to landscape mode”. Other points of criticism include lack of customizable themes, basic camera and Apps are only available through iTunes. Despite what hang-ups you have over Apples products, you can’t argue against their durability and lightweight making them not get in the way, and sometimes that’s the best feature of all. Apple has done a great job promoting its App’s as they do have the largest collection of all the smart-phones… for now.

Some of the “not yet Android” Apps for supers include:

Right now, go to iTunes, download Sun Seeker for $2.99 and go to your shadiest green with your grumpiest Greens Committee member. Developed for Solar Panel installers, this App uses the iPhones camera, GPS and Azimuth tool to illustrate (in flat mode and augmented reality camera mode) the solar path and its obstructions from where you stand and creates yearly charts. Pretty cool. Below is a review by William Brown and his iTurfApps Blog. Coming to Android and Blackberry soon!!!

iStimp, the $0.99 digital Stimpmeter, provides accurate green speed readings by using the iPhones accelerometer and complex algorithms. Pretty accurate, but don't let your members find out about it!

iGIS, the $19.95 Geographic Information System in the palm of your hand, allows supers to layer customized info onto aerial images from Google Maps. Custom colors, shapes, importing/exporting, and even measuring tools make the $22 cost well worth it for your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind, although this App is only available with Apple, much of this can be done within the regular online Google My Maps.
Check out iTurf Apps review here.

Toro NSN enables Supers to login to their desktop and access and control the whole irrigation system.

For $4.99 Golf Ball Finder may help golfers get out of those natural areas and back on the course, or it may cause a line up of golfers staring at their phones instead of hurrying up.

The $1.99 Fertilizer Calculator helps users calculate lbs/kg of N, P, and K from a bag, the area it will cover, records dates and notes of the application.

Chirp - Yes, an index of birds complete with photos, sounds and info about each species. Looks very basic, but how many times have you wondered what a specific bird was? I did find a number of news stories about future iPhone applications which plan on using recognition software for everything from wildlife, to trees. This technology will surely change iPhone app's of the future.

ConvertBot - Basic Application, but for those of us who do not have space left in our heads for conversion rates, this app will do it for you, remember it and so on.

PureSense, although most Supers do not have the infrastructure capable of supporting the functions of this app, it is very cool. Checking your soil moisture levels and having control of your irrigation system while your on the other side of the planet is possible today with the combination of the PureSenseapp, a remote soil moisture system like the UgMo and having online access to your irrigation system (or someone at the turf office with a phone). Sounds technical, and it is. In fact I can't find any turfgrass managers/supers using it quite yet. However according to PureSense it is possible.
Right now you can receive "reports and charts summarize soil moisture, climate and irrigation system information to help guide grower decisions and provide a record over multiple seasons. A wide variety of simplified reports and charts can be viewed online, or received via email or on a cell phone.

Weather Bug - There are two version of this application, Free and the Elite which is not so free.

The free version comes with everything you would expect a weather app to come with plus zoomable temperature contour and satellite infrared maps!

The Elite version is pretty cool, comes with all of the Free stuff plus:

  • Full radar animation
  • Six additional map layers: infrared satellite, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, next day high and next day low
  • 100% ad-free
  • Live, local weather conditions and forecasts
  • 7-day and hourly forecasts
  • National Weather Service (NWS) alerts
  • Daily national weather outlook video
  • Radar maps with zoom feature
  • View live weather cameras (up to 5)
  • Time-lapse weather camera animation
  • Fast access to unlimited saved locations
  • Cached weather data for offline viewing
  • Map auto-center function (US only)
  • Temperature contour and satellite infrared maps
  • Enhanced current conditions with 12 distinct observations
  • Touch anywhere map technology allows user to "drop a pin" and view current weather conditions for that location
  • Free access to updates and enhancements

Turfgrass Management is an application (iPhone, iTouch, and Blackberry) that provides pictures, information, and recommendations for grass species, lawn diseases, weeds, and insects. With plans to expand the app functions to provide pesticide labels and provide larger, regional and up to date databases this application should be on all superintendents phones.

Here are a few more: MSDS App, Clear Standards (Carbon footprint gps app), Tree ID(helps ID trees), and MyBudge (a Budget tracking software).



Ha, glad to see you think it's AWESOME Chincher.

Lot's of Landscape Design and Irrigation Apps out there too, just heard from two developers who we'll be posting about soon.

Hey! Don't forget the Golf Course Industry magazine app for iPhone and iPad.

Thanks Pat, Here's the link:

I look forward to the scribble maps iphone application.

How well a Golf GPS device works depends on both the hardware and software in your hand held device. Better hardware allows your GPS to more easily find more of the 30 satellites roaming the globe to pinpoint your location.thanks for a great article.


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