Greg Evans: 3 Beliefs in Producing a Successful Putting Surface

In this video from the 2012 GCSAI Conference this past week in Killenard Ireland, Greg Evans MG lays out his 3 beliefs of what is necessary to produce a successful putting surface:
  1. Single Grass Species - Pick a parent monoculture and put a maintenance plan together to maximize its potential. Whether that's Fescue, Bent or perennial Poa, to get the best out of each species you must focus on each one individually.
  2. Maintain a Balanced Program - Too little is as bad as too much in my view. Also, consistency of height of cut is crucial so that the grass plant grows in a happy environment. Chopping and changing building up to the big tournament is no good!
  3. Sward Density - Without doubt the key to producing good surfaces. However you do it, you must maintain high sward density to get the best out of your surfaces.

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