BIGGA Video Series: Reconstructing a Green

BIGGA's Reconstruction of a Green training video takes a look at the basic problems and solutions associated with various types of green construction and maintenance. Don't let the Old School video editing throw you off, this is an excellent introduction to understanding how a golf green works.

Topics included in video #1 include:
  • Stress and strains of all year use of greens
  • Compaction, Poor Drainiage, Thatch Accumulation, Annual Meadowgrass Ingress [poa annua]
  • Solutions - modifying fertilization, irrigation and aeration
  • Hollow coring, verti-draining, mole ploughing, slit tining
  • USGA method of reconstruction and high quality materials proves best 
  • Sports Turf Research Institute contributions to developments
  • USGA method graphical representations
  • Advantages and disadvantages of other turf management methods.
  • A special focus on a green reconstruction at Shipley golf club.

Video #2 covers the topics of:
  • Drain trench excavation and piping
  • Lateral drainage systems & joints
  • Adding root zone layers, firming and minimum firm depth
  • Keeling, treading and raking, adding nutrients to root zone layers
  • Turf laying and preventing damage with turfing boards
  • Adjusting and brushing the turf and top dressing
  • Ongoing maintainence over winter and spring
  • The 6 factors of preparing the best turf.