BIGGA Video Series: Raising the Standards

BIGGA's Raising the Standards training video is... Vintage!
She's an oldie but a goldie with typical 90's fonts and special effects for educational films, but it's an interesting look back at the basics of mowing. Keep this video bookmarked if you have a computer available for training purposes, it makes a great introduction for seasonal staff.

Video #1 includes these topics:
  • Mowing, trimming, cutting, clipping - to develop and maintain a suitable surface on which to play the game of golf
  • Correct mowing practice and mowing costs
  • Understanding turf grass - growth and carbohydrate distribution
  • Effect of mowing height on root depth
  • Optimum height of cut to reduce wear damage and minimize thinning
  • Height of cut in relation to type and environment of grass
  • Routine maintenance, owners manual and checks to avoid faults in motorized mowers.
  • Precautions to take to avoid green damage when mowing
  • Preparations to prepare for a good start

Video #2 includes these topics:
  • Varying mowing height
  • The mowing of fairways from one type of course to another
  • The ideal features to note when selecting machines to mow fairways
  • Flexibility of movement and operation when mowing
  • Understanding terms of mowing - the shear point and clip
  • Detailed graphic demonstrations of the mowing process
  • Appearance and differences between of mowing patterns
  • Roles of the bed knife and reel blade in relation to the sheer point
  • How to avoid ribbing
  • Pros and Cons and options for disposing of grass cuttings

Video #3 includes these topics:
  • The function and purpose of the semi-rough
  • Advantages of using reel mowers for mowing semi-rough
  • The best type of units for mowing rough and semi rough
  • Considerations when mowing in tight situations around trees and on ground contours
  • Precautions to take when mowing with rotary mowers in the rough
  • Advantages of clear rough lines for players and nature
  • Risk assessments before mowing
  • Mowing on banks, and features of mowers
  • Ways of enhancing traction and minimising scuffing
  • When to use a handmower
  • Items to consider moving away from the mowing line

Video #4 includes these topics:
  • Safe operation and greater control on mowing machines
  • Safety for the employee when mowing
  • Approaches and surrounds typical mowing height
  • Correct cutting practices on all areas of the course
  • Mowing of the putting area and high quality cutting requirements
  • Spring, summer and winter general rules for greens mowing height and frequency
  • Mowing timing factors - competitions, wear and tear, weather, ground conditions
  • Good mowing practice in preparation of mowing the putting surface
  • Best practice when mowing the putting green
  • Essential features when selecting a ride on greens mower
  • What to look for when selecting a handmower
  • Hand mower techniques
  • Preventing a build up of undesirable organic clippings by removing cuttings
  • Pros and cons of using hand mowers and required resources

Video #5 includes these topics:
  • Why power washers should not be used
  • Avoiding corrosion and checking for defects
  • Checking and re adjusting components
  • Essential requirements when undertaking safety requirements
  • Removing the reels
  • Checking the height of cut, on cut settings and making adjustments
  • Combining the right knowledge with turf management, good mowing practice and a good machine