Turfgrass Water Conservation by S. T. Cockerham and B. Leinauer


A couple weeks ago I received a copy of the Second Edition Turfgrass Water Conservation by S. T. Cockerham and B. Leinauer. The first thing I noticed was Stone Creek Golf Club on the front cover! Quite a while ago, I was contacted by Rossana Sallenave, New Mexico State University Animal Science and Natural Resource Extension Specialist, about providing a few golf course photos depicting wildlife and water conservation. Rossana is one of the contributing authors and was writing the chapter titled: Environmental Issues Surrounding Turf-Dominated Urban Landscapes. She managed to use three of the photos I supplied her. One of Stone Creek, one of the bluebirds I shot when I worked at The Oregon Golf Club and one Al Nielsen, CGCS of Royal Oaks Country Club gave me of one of his bird houses. I had no idea they would use Stone Creek on the front cover. If I had known I would have sent more to choose from.

I might as well give the publication a plug. The contributing authors list is rather impressive, ranging from James B. Beard, Turfgrass Science Emeritus, Texas A&M University to Frank P. Wong, Plant Pathology, University of California, Riverside (Frank is now the technical service specialist for Bayer Environmental Science). This book is a collective body of knowledge that will help provide the most recent water conservation and information and guidelines for the scientific community, the golf course superintendent and grounds manager, the general public and hopefully a few politicians as well. I checked on Amazon and it is going fast but more are being ordered. The cost is $24. Click HERE for a link to Amazon.