2011 British Open

The question on everyones mind for the 2011 British Open is surely not wether or not Rory will raise the Jug (and the bar), but what Environmental Stewardship or Sustainability efforts take place at Royal St George's Golf Club?

So, Turfhugger did some digging around and found a little something that only those who attend the event will get a chance to see, A Guide To Environmental Management of the Links.

This 34 page guide does a great job at discussing how the efforts at Royal St Georges reflect on the industry as a whole and that the R&A take sustainability seriously. It goes on to describe how habitat is protected, the ecological significance of the Sandwich Bay, the diversity of flora and fauna, management strategies to protect habitat, responsible turf management, overall environmental protection and resource conservation. All in all, a fantastic little guide. To boot it's printed on paper from sustainably managed forests.

Open 2011 Royal St Georges_Wildlife

Creating environmental guides for British Open venues is nothing new, to my knowledge the R&A has been putting these little booklets together since 2000. Here's some pics from my copy of the 2005 THE OLD COURSE A Guide to it's Environmental Management. 

Visit the R & A website at this link to see all of the Open Wildlife Publications.

(thanks to Alexandra Almeida for this link)