NAFTA gives the SHAFTA, but to whom?

Canadian Municipal and Provincial governments can continue to restrict cosmetic uses of pesticides on lawns as Quebec and Dow AgroSciences settle a $2-million US lawsuit stemming from Quebec’s 2006 ban of the pesticide 2,4-D.

Although both claim victory, pesticide bans can still take place, the only change is that you can't say why. Basically governments have to say "2, 4-D is safe when used according to the product label directions" but government concern over public's ability to apply such products can influence a cosmetic ban for use on lawns.

This doesn't really effect golf courses because of the exemption (here) unless you consider that the public perception is now "can't use on my lawn" + "used on golf courses" = "golf courses are toxic". 

Official industry response by GolfCanada? Go here to learn how they educate golfers. It seems it falls in the hands of superintendents and their associations, sorry guys. To learn more about the exemption tool go here. To learn about the CGSA's Environmental Policies and Positions, go here.

The Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island have banned 2, 4-D's use on lawns and Alberta has banned it in pesticide-herbicide mixes. British Columbia and Manitoba are considering provincial bans, although municipalities are already creating bans on their own.

As far as coverage of the settlement and all the details, I've collected a variety of sources... pick your poison... haha, just kidding Dow.