Another look at Civitas

About a year ago I introduced Turfhugger readers to Reinie Drygala, Manager of Lawncare Products at Petro-Canada in a post called What is Civitas? That post went on to be viewed by 628 people in 13 countries! I decided to re-connect with Reinie to see how things have been going, include a few product testimonials and a few links from Turf Disease Blog.

Turfhugger: When we last spoke the product was still fresh in America with some trials in Canada, how has customer feedback been?

Reinie Drygala: Customer feedback is very good. With most new products there is a learning curve when you become familiar with the new product. Once superintendents become familiar with the product they are very satisfied with CIVITAS.

Turfhugger: Is the formulation the same or has customer feedback caused some changes?

Reinie Drygala: The formulation of the product is the original formulation that was released in the USA in 2009. However, with customer feedback and additional academic testing we have made some improvements in our suggested IPM programs. In addition, we continue to find added benefits of using CIVITAS.

In 2011/12 we plan on bringing a new product to market that is specifically targeted at greens. Our customers shared with us that the look that they received with CIVITAS may be considered too "vibrant" for greens. With this feedback, our R&D team set out to find a solution to the feedback and this new product addresses it and brings some additional benefits as well.

The Merit Club Testimonial_Final Red Folder and Customer Approved

Turfhugger: How have sales been? Above/below expected?

Reinie Drygala: Sales have been very encouraging. We initially targeted cools season grass zones in the U.S. Northeast and Midwest. With our distributor partners in these areas we have already had over 1600 courses in these areas (over 30% of the courses in these geographies) that have trialed, tested and begun to use CIVITAS.

We are anticipating another strong year in 2011 as those courses who trialled CIVITAS in 2010 now begin to use CIVITAS as a platform or foundation for their IPM programs in 2011.
Based on the response that we received at the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association show in Vancouver, this year's launch in Canada will be promising. As this is new technology, I anticipate that in 2011 many Superintendents in Canada will trial and test the product and become comfortable with it.

Green Hills Testimonial_Final.pdf

Turfhugger: How many courses are using it in Canada? USA? Outside of North America?

Reinie Drygala: CIVITAS is only being sold in the USA and Canada currently. We are excited about expanding into warm season grass zones, hopefully, later this year. Our testing in these regions over the last several years show that CIVITAS provides the superintendent with a new and viable option for their turf management programs.


Turfhugger: Registered as a fungicide, but not a fungicide? Explain...

Reinie Drygala: CIVITAS' unique mode of action, which works with the plant's natural defense system to fend off the disease rather than relying on the input/chemical to deal with the pathogen, is what sets CIVITAS apart from traditional fungicides.

Several years ago, when it came time to start discussing commercialization of the product, we made the decision to register the product as a fungicide with both the PMRA and the EPA. With so many new products coming onto the marketplace, we wanted to ensure that the product would be viewed as a legitimate product that superintendents would consider for their courses. One way to do that was to formally register the product with the governing bodies. With these registrations came the credibility that we had sought out through the strict standards, guidelines and requirements that the governing agencies require.

Turfhugger: Your now available in Canada, from what distributors?

Reinie Drygala: Yes, we are proud to say that CIVITAS is now available for sale in Canada.
In Canada, our distributor of choice is Syngenta Crop Protection Canada Inc.. In choosing our distributor, we met and discussed the CIVITAS with many interested and capable distributors. It was a difficult decision; however, the national coverage combined with their solid turf management knowledge made Syngenta Crop Protection Canada Inc. a strong choice for the launch of CIVITAS in Canada.
The following is a list of retail distributors throughout the country the will be selling CIVITAS:

Name                      Contact                 Number and Email
Halifax Seed           Mike Barclay
Novaturf                 Mike Young
OJ Company           Don Gordon
Ferti technologies    Martin Bisaillon
MGS Horticulture   Kelly Devaere
Ontario Seed           Dave Schmelefske
Allturf Rocco          DiPasquale  
Maple Turf              Dave Moore
Plant Science           Rob Field   
Evenspray               Todd Thompson
Earlys Kevin           Bloski          
Pro Gardener          Al Nielson   
Terralink                 Gary Hunt   
Evergro                   Jerry Sihota 

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