Succulent Container Gardens

When it comes to turf management, golf courses use high-tech and creative ways to conserve every drop of irrigation water. To conserve water further, courses look outside of the main areas and begin to limit water in non-essential zones. Commonly used methods include naturalization of mown and irrigated turf, drip irrigation in garden beds and the use of native, drought tolerant and perennial plants.

Gardens beds require mulching, weeding, edging, cleaning, etc, and as our industry continues to move further away from water dependent landscaping, we must find alternatives that still provide an aesthetic value our customers are use to. One option, although limited in some ways, is the use of Succulents in containers.

Containers can be placed on the edges of cart paths, requiring no special line trimming or edging. Large containers can be placed to direct cart traffic and define parking areas, think of them as attractive growing pylons. Succulents can easily cope with hot dry conditions characteristic of paved cart paths, edges of parking lots and clubhouse patios requiring comparably less resources and labor from more traditional garden beds. 

Here are 3 videos that will help guide you through a few things to consider while assembling succulent container gardens.