iStimp Review by PaceTurf

From PaceTurf:
Although not the goofiest iPhone application on the web, the new iPhone application known as the iStimp poses some interesting problems. In this video, PACE Turf's Dr. Larry Stowell discusses the issue of accuracy (can an iPhone really accurately measure greens speeds?) as well as the potential for slower play if golfers insist on taking the 6 to 8 minutes needed to get their own personal iStimp measurement.

For the results of a field test comparing the iStimp to the Pelz meter and the Bayco Speedmeter, follow the link below:

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Okay, neat idea I guess but the overall idea is absolutely ridiculous. Who is the end use for this App? Golfers are slow enough with their range finders, they don't need to be pulling out their i-phone every time they putt. And Supers don't need it because they have the rule Stimpmeter. Fun and cute, sure, practical, no.

looks like a gimic