Jacobsen's Electric Arsenal

One of my favorite things in the world is sipping my first coffee of the day while doing greens, I've been lucky enough to do this a few times this summer. Besides the scenery I was spoiled because all I heard was a light electric hummm, not the heavy firing of gas or diesel engines, after all it's early. Of course I'm also partial to the technology because of how cost effective and efficient it is. Are their weight issues still? Yes. But do we need to cut operating costs and reduce environmental footprint? Yes. So it's a trade for the odd time you'll have to send out the walkers while it's really wet and squishy.

I've collected a whole bunch of info, video's and reviews for the Jacobsen line of electric and hybrid mowers. I'll update this post and re-post as I gather more reviews, so be sure to send me your thoughts on these products.

Check out these two video's from the guys at Krigger, recorded at The Club at Nevillewood. A brief but comprehensive review of the Jacobsen Eclispe 322 Electric Mower. Here's some product info links for you. Eclipse 322 Product Brochure, Eclipse 322 Electric Homepage, Eclipse 322 Hybrid Homepage and the Eclipse 322 Microsite and Cost Savings Calculator

Here's another video showing Jacobsen electric greens mower being demonstrated in front of the new Golf Club on the Trail Creek Golf course in Sun Valley Idaho. The mower is really quiet and clean running on golf cart batteries. Master mower Darren operates the unit for the crowd showing the technique that won him 3rd place in the southeast Idaho mowing divisional.

More product info and additional articles and reviews here:

Eclipse 100 Series Product Brochure, Eclipse 100 Series Product Homepage

Jacobsen Eclipse 322 Honored in National Design Awards, and check out the Awards site here.

Jacobsen Hybrid Riding Greens Mowers Add Value for the City of Austin, TX.

Kirk Whiting at Sakonnet Golf Club is “Electrified by the Jacobsen Eclipse Riding Greens Mower”.


I'm pretty positive I'll be ordering the 322 electric in Orlando. Your comments about the quietness are true, and we need to be quiet until about 9am around our neighbors. I've put this purchase off hoping they would drop some weight. Can you buy aftermarket battery packs that are lighter?

Hi David,
Thanks for your question, adn funny enough just last week I posted this: http://turfhugger.blogspot.com/2011/01/lithium-vs-lead-acid.html?utm_source=BP_recent

The first video in that post will answer your question, or contact these guys:

Thanks David, and if I find any other options I'll be sure to pass the info on through the site.