"Unethical" or Innovative Strategy?

They are huge water wasters, take up valuable land, uncontrollable use of natural resources and create pollution run-off - no I don't work for the New York Times and am writing about golf courses, I'm talking about big feed lots!

Now straight-up, I'm not a fan. But none-the-less, feed lots are a reality of our food systems and they have to deal with real environmental issues, more so than the golf industry.

Last year Stoney Point AgriCorp of Melissa, Texas, was an Environmental Stewardship Award Winner by the National Cattlemens Beef Association. What does this have to do with golf? Well what caught my attention is how they've chosen to use the solid waste and run-off from the dairy operation as a "nutrient rich" source of irrigation for sod growing.

Stoney Point partnered with a turf-grass company to use nutrient-rich water from its retention ponds to irrigate 35 acres of turf-grass. A portion of the nutrient-rich manure is also used to improve top soil. Use of manure in a joint venture with Hope Agri-Products to compost and bag organic matter for sale in many retail stores. They also implemented grass filter strips to reduce sediment run-off.

I'll still go with my Grass-fed thank you.

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