Past Ten, Next Ten - Interview with Keith Martin

As we roll through the first year of this decade I've asked two standard questions to a few key players in our industry. I wanted to know their thoughts, from their unique role and perspective, on what we saw over this last ten years and what to expect in the ten to come.

Keith Martin is the Superintendent/Keeper of the Greens at Machrihanish Dunes, the newly GEO Certified, no pesticide, lot's of sheep, real links golf course. Keith has contributed a few times to Turfhugger, here and here, and the golf course has received no shortage of praise for it's environmental practices, here. Check out his blog here.

Turfhugger - To what degree have environmental issues affected your role through this past decade?

Keith Martin - Throughout the last decade the word "sustainability" has been used more and more, during the boom, big and extravegant was the way forward! In our time now with the financial restraints on all of us, the climate changing and becoming more fragile, everyone within the buisness has an added responsibity to manage both resourses and there local environment. With being the 1st golf course in the UK built within a Site of Special Scientific interest we have an added responsibity, we manage and protect our site working closely with Government agencies. Through the data we have collected over the past 3-4 years it has been proved that golf and the environment can work together, we have actually enhanced the site with more intensively managed grazing regimes/ senbible mowing practises and using cultural greenkeeping techniques producing a far greater diversity of plants. Scottish Natural Heritage work hand in hand with us and are delighted the way the SSSI is being protected and now proven to be enhanced.

Turfhugger - What major changes will we see in the next Ten Years that will affect your role most significantly?

Keith Martin - With the Golf Course being in a somewhat unique situation we aim to be a benchmark for sustainability within the UK's golf industry already we have become the 1st 18 Hole Golf Course in the UK to be awarded the GEO certificate. The rules and restrictions we work within will begin to affect more and more. limitations on fertilizer and chemicals will be increased through time, financial pressures will continue. Our aim is to keep promoting and protecing our valuable fragile site whilst making it a unique and remarkable experience.

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