"heard about every joke one could imagine because of the goats"

Kensington Golf Club in Canfield Ohio is an 18 hole facility with driving range on just about 300 acres, so there is lots of grass out there. Superintendent Sean Novotny says "What we use the goats for is to eat all the foliage down so that we're not in there with weed eaters and gas powered motors, to basically reduce our carbon footprint on the environment".

And the goats aren't just saving the golf course a lot of time, they're also saving them a lot of money.

"We've saved a couple of thousand dollars if not more just on labor costs and fuel costs just by having the goats taking care of these naturalized areas to where we wouldn't have to,". The goats were purchased at a livestock auction in Middlefield, Ohio, for $50 each, and they have been working at the golf course since the spring. Employees say they have heard about every joke one could imagine because of the goats being there.

After the original post, I recieived this note from Sean Novotny of Kensington Golf Club:

"Thanks for the post. The goats are doing well we have sent them to thier winter home where there is heat a few other horses and goats for some well deserved R&R. This year they reached a new prodution level eating twice as much acerage as last year. An where they have eaten after the last two years we have seen a decline in certain weed species in the native areas. As the goats close mowing has eliminated them and also the goats self fertilizing behind them has allowed the grass to come back stronger where they have grazed".
For more info check out this FoxNews Article.

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