Bugs 'n' Jugs Webinar Series - Lebanon on TurfNet

TurfNet has added a new feature to its ongoing commitment of being the leader in online education for superintendents.

Beginning Nov. 15, TurfNet and LebanonTurf will present a week of archived Webinars focusing on the benefits of bionutritional products in a fertility program. Entitled “Bionutrition: From Bugs ’N Jugs to Mainstream Fertility” the five-part series will include a 30-minute, pre-recorded Webinar each day through Nov. 19.

No registration is required to view this series, and each presentation, once released, will be available indefinitely for on-demand viewing on TurfNet.com. The schedule includes...

Monday, November 15 (all day) - http://www.turfnet.com/university/bionutrition/roch/
Bionutrition: What we thought wasn't, is.
Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Dr. Gaussoin discusses the current state of bionutritional research and acceptance within both the academic and turf industry communities. 

Tuesday, November 16 (all day) http://www.turfnet.com/university/bionutrition/mike/
Where Mycorrhizal fungi are working... and not.
Michael Amaranthus, Ph.D., Oregon State University. President, Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.
Dr. Amaranthus presents an overview of mycorrhizae and their role in turfgrass management. 

Wednesday, November 17 (all day) 
Biofertility of turf: Past, Present, Future.
Robert Ames, Ph.D. - Advanced Microbial Solutions. Pilot Point, TX
Dr. Ames discusses the evolution of microbial soil amendments and the benefits, economics, regulatory considerations and future of biofertility in turf. 

Thursday, November 18 (all day) 
Seaweed 101: Harvesting the Power of the Sea.
Robin Ross, Market Development Scientist - Acadian Seaplants, Ltd., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Ms. Ross presents an overview of the use of seaweed extracts as a component of bionutritional programs in turf. 

Friday, November 19 (all day) 
Panel Discussion: Bringing It All Together.
The four previous presenters plus Bob Bauwens of LebanonTurf and Doug Middletown of Ocean Organics Corp.
The panel discusses integrating synthetic fertilizers and biologicals in a comprehensive fertility program; what skeptics are giving up by not including biologicals as part of their program; stumbling blocks to widespread acceptance of biologicals in turf; pricing and efficiency of biological vs synthetics; designing a hybrid synthetic/biological turf program; and environmental regulations and concerns in the marketplace.