Swedish Scientists say Golf is Good for Biodiversity

From this article discussing the real world meaning of Biodiversity:
The question seems heretical until you start looking into the research being done on golf courses and biodiversity. Writing in the journal Ecosystems, two Swedish scientists found that a large majority (63 percent) of the 200+ golf courses they studied in the UK “were found to have ecological values similar to or higher than nature-protected sites” such as forest areas, state parks, and biological preserves. They concluded that “golf courses play an essential role in biodiversity conservation and ecosystems management.” This is no anomaly. Other studies have found that golf courses can provide ideal ecological niches for a variety of species, that they are often a reservoir for bumblebee populations, and that “green keepers can contribute greatly to conservation by providing . . . habitats for endangered local species.”

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I am representing a volunteer community group in Hoylake, Wirral, UK. I'd like to be able to use your picture of an ec0-golf course in a document we are producing to present to our local council. The document will not be commercial, will not be sold, and will only be reproduced on desktop printers for 'internal' use.
Please could you let me know if this is OK? mark.howard@hoylakevillage.org.uk