Rain Gardens - FYI

I'm trying to track down some more info about this specific project, but for now here is the press release and a quick excerpt:
Construction will begin in mid-September on a new garden that will capture stormwater runoff coming from downspouts and pavement around the clubhouse and pro shop at county-owned Saxon Woods Golf Course in Scarsdale. 
Plants and soil in this “rain garden” will filter out many of the pollutants commonly found in runoff before they enter water supplies.
The construction, scheduled to last about a week, is not expected to disrupt golf play or activities at the clubhouse and pro shop. The rain garden will be built in an area now partially covered by asphalt
pavement, which will be torn up to accommodate the garden.

Below is a great list of links from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for Rain Garden resources:

Rain Garden Basics

  • Dane County's My Fair Lakes Rain Garden Basics [exit DNR]
  • Rain Garden Basics from West Michigan [exit DNR]
  • The City of Maplewood, MN Rainwater Garden Website (includes photos and a care guide) [exit DNR]

How to Build a Rain Garden

  • Edgewood College's (Madison, WI) rain garden guide including a 10 step process to build your own rain garden. [exit DNR]
  • Chicago's Rain Garden Network web site includes steps to build and maintain a rain gardens. [exit DNR]

Rain Garden Publications

Rain Garden Plant Resources

Rain Garden Examples and Case Studies

  • "Maryland developer grows rain gardens to control residential runoff." US EPA Urban Runoff Notes. [exit DNR]
  • Examples and photos of transportation related rain gardens from the Low Impact Development Center. [exit DNR]
  • Seattle's Stormwater Utility's downloadable before and after rain garden photos. [exit DNR]
  • Puget Sound Action Team's natural approach to stormwater management. [exit DNR]

Links to More Links

  • Rain garden resources and links from Dane County, Wisconsin. [exit DNR]
  • Earth & Water Works, LLC is a commercial rain garden designer and installer. [exit DNR]
  • Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network [exit DNR]

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a way of storing rain water runoff for later distribution to rain gardens, lawns and for other uses around the yard.

  • Rain Barrel Basics

    • "Water Saving in the Garden: some basic facts about cisterns and rainbarrels."
      King County, Washington Department of Natural Resources and Parks. [PDF 898 KB]
    • "What is a Rain Barrel."
      U.S. EPA. This publication includes rain barrel purchasing information. [PDF 45KB]
    • HarverstH20.com: the online rainwater harvesting community. [exit DNR]

  • How To Create and Install a Rain Barrel

    • HGTV's step by step guide to build your own rain barrel [exit DNR]

  • Rain Barrel Examples

    • City of Vancouver Rain Barrel Program [exit DNR]
    • Low Impact Development Center's step by step sustainable school projects [exit DNR]
    • Sustain Dane Rain Barrel Program [exit DNR]
    • Rain Barrel Sources in Southern Wisconsin [PDF 22KB]

Stormwater Management

  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Storm Water Management website.
  • Center for Watershed Protection's Stormwater Manager's Resource Center [exit DNR]
  • Milwaukee River Basin Partnership's Guide to Stormwater Management [exit DNR]
  • "The Changing Face of Stormwater Management: What you need to know to improve stormwater management in your community."
    Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. [PDF 227KB]
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