Greens Clipping Management

One of the main arguments or apprehensions I hear about collecting clippings for composts is that its difficult to get them from A to B. "Garbage Cans of clippings are too heavy and look terrible", "We use walk behind mowers, to drop off clippings at central compost areas is too time consuming", I hear these justifiable concerns all the time. It's kinda bizarre really, clubs will spend thousands of dollars on wash-pads to protect water sources form clippings but then you'll see a pile of clippings dumped in the brush right beside a pond or stream.

So what is the solution? I think this will work for some...

This video from Turf Net features Jeremy Bellante, assistant superintendent at NCR Country Club, Kettering, OH, and his creative use of tarps to collect green clippings due to the tight surrounds and aesthetic concerns from golfers, but this technique can also help alleviate the environmental concerns I mentioned too. Tarps can easily be pulled out of play until they can be lifted in to carts and washing, maintaining and carrying them with you or having drop-off stations doesn't require a lot of extra preparedness. 

(This video is no longer available on Turfhugger, go here to view)


At Machrihanish Dunes we use installed grass clipping bays close to green complexe's. These bays are situated away from play on areas disturbed by rabbits where we used a granite stone base and sides, these clipping bays are lifted once a week and mixed with sand and seaweed gathered from the beach and stored. Due to the sensitivity of the site we use nutrient rich clippings gained from the greens/tees only as a divot mix for the tees away from the natural diverse fairways.

Wir verwenden Planen und Decken zum Sammeln von Laub und Gras und verbrachte Garten Materialien. Wir verwenden bei der Reparatur Planen Bewässerung Pausen zu helfen, die sauber und verhindern Kunststoff Splitter nicht verloren und steckte in Mähmesser zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt. Wir verwenden eine Menge von ihnen, weil sie das Leben einfacher machen. Danke dafür, dass Google auf Ihrer Website zu übersetzen.

We use tarps and blankets for collecting leaves and grass clippings and spent garden materials. We use tarps when repairing irrigation breaks to help keep the area clean and prevent plastic slivers from being lost and stuck in mower blades at a later date. We use a lot of them because they make life easy. Thanks for making google translate on your site.