Scott "The Witch Doctor" Anderson

This article was first posted one year ago, I've decided to re-post it because of the interest in Anderson's methods he discusses in the following 4 videos. Enjoy...again!

middle stage of composting golf course and clubhouse waste at Huntingdon Valley Country Club
Recently I was introduced to Scott Anderson CGCS of Huntingdon Valley Country Club of Philidelphia (#69 of Golf Weeks Best American Classic Golf Courses 2008), and was pleased to learn he was incorporating "sustainable"(he hates that word) agriculture principles at the golf course and is seeing great results. I'll be interviewing Scott in the near future to learn more about biodynamics, radionics, and various other technologies he uses, but figured I'd provide some background info first. Here are a few videos and links to interviews with Scott about his approach.

The Water Wizard - Club & Resort Business
Now for something different - Biodynamics

The following is a four part video discussion with Scott Anderson CGCS at the Philly Gathering.