Turfhugger Exclusive - Dutch Elm Disease Immunization Product Approved for Canada


I learned of a new treatment for Dutch Elm Disease (DED) a while ago and have been waiting patiently for the Pest Management Regulatory Association (PMRA) approval to notify Turfhugger readers.

I’m pretty excited to tell the Turfhugger readers of Dutch Trig, brought to the Canadian market by Urban Forestry Innovative Solutions (UFIS), even before the official Press Release date! For a list of other countries distributors go here.

Instead of concentrating solely on the Dutch Trig product, I decided to contact Mike Thibeault of UFIS to talk a little about the general DED concerns.

Turfhugger – I understand the Product has just been appro
ved for use in Canada. Where else is it registered?

UFIS – On October 19th 2009, Health Canada’s PMRA approved Dutch Trig for use in Canada. Dutch Trig is also being used in Holland, Germany (complete EU registration is pending) and across the United States.

Turfhugger – What type of success/failure rate are they experiencing?

UFIS - Historical rates are 99% effective (first year numbers are often not quite as effective since this is a preventative and some trees already sick get injected and still die) in The Hague where 10,000 trees have been injected for many years the efficacy rate is above 99% and since they treat almost 1/3 of the cities elms the overall incidence even in untreated trees has reduced over time.

Turfhugger – Any other way of controlling the disease? Beetle controls?

UFIS - Some basal spraying is tried with limited success especially when weighed against the environment concern of pesticide spraying. Fungicidal treatments have been tried in the past but currently nothing is registered in Canada. Bans on moving firewood and a strict inspection and sanitation (removing and destroying diseased trees quickly) protocol are the only current methods to slow the spread. We seek to augment these methods by providing a proven preventative especially for feature elm trees in the urban environment.

Turfhugger – Why not just plant resistant Elms? What benefit does an Elm tree have over others in our landscapes?

UFIS - Historically, DED resistant elms do not have the typical shape and stature of American Elms and as such few have been planted. More work is being done on this all the time and that may provide a future for elms. Our focus is not on new plantings but rather treating the mature elms that are still part of our urban fabric. We estimate at least 1 million elms in municipal inventories across Canada with the highest numbers in central and western Canada. In many cities and towns across the prairies elms are one of the few trees that flourish in the extremes of climate. It is an extremely hardy tree that can withstand winter temperatures and its vase shape and beauty add tremendous landscape value.

Turfhugger – What is the process of protecting a tree with Dutch Trig? Associated costs?

UFIS - The process is a 2 to 5 minute injection into the current growth ring. This is done every spring. As for costs, a 50cm DBH Elm would cost about $50.00 to $55.00 to inject every year (+ Labor)

Turfhugger – Who can apply? What kind of license is required?

UFIS - The label will require the injection to be performed by a certified arborist.

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Thanks for posting on this issue Turfhugger. Turf and golf magazines tend to forget about the tree issues, nice to see that you're covering everything.

The site is looking really good too by the way, and it is much faster.