Top 5 Must Have Accessories for Turf Superintendents


Being a superintendent over the years I have realized that some accessories are more important than others. I have equipment that I use on a daily basis that I rely on for proper operation. I have found that skimping on these things can be costly and spending a little extra can go a long way. I have shortened the list to the top five things that I have found to be most important to me in my environment.

1. A Leatherman: This multi-use tool has been at my side for nearly ten years. I have the Wave and it does everything that I need. I have used in a pinch when an irrigation saw was un-available, I have even used it to trim and lay sod. It has helped me through lightning strikes that destroyed five satellites and shattered hundreds of feet of two inch pipe under ground. Not only has it done a great job but in cases when you get a little over zealous and break something Leatherman is quick to fix or replace the tool no question for 25 years. I have had great success with my Leatherman.

2. A razor knife: I have purchase a cheap razor knife that has replaceable blades. This works great when you have to fertilize wall to wall and you cut open bag after bag of fertilizer. We all know this will dull a knife fairly quickly with the abrasion of the fertilizer. With this handy knife I can just insert a new blade and I am on my way. I purchased the knife from Craftsmen yet again a lifetime warranty. If anything breaks I can bring it back to the store and receive a replacement the same day.

3. Good Flashlight: I have had many flashlights and most of the time have been disappointed that they are not bright enough. I finally started to look at tactical lighting. I have found that the Surefire 9P has a very bright lamp and is small enough to have in your pocket or on your belt. One-piece construction out of aircraft aluminum it also touts a lifetime warranty. Surefire has also done a great job with holding up to their warranty and anything that is wrong is replaced immediately.

4. A Phone with email capability: I was never a person that needed a phone that would receive email but once I had the phone it has given me the ability to communicate better with my membership while spending more time on the golf course. I don’t have to spend an afternoon in the office returning emails. It has been a timesaver for me. I have the MotoQ and many people have the iPhone. I think they are all good.

5. Nice pair of shoes: The last thing on my list and not the least is a good pair of shoes. I am always looking for a pair of shoes that will hold up to the demands of the golf course. Getting wet from hand watering or checking heads, covered with dusty fertilizer and impact on the sole form digging something up. All that and I like my feet to stay dry all day. I have chosen to go with Solomon Goretex lined trail shoes. They are lightweight and comfortable. Most important they have held up for two seasons. That has been the most for any pair of shoes so far. I am getting substantial wear at the end of this season but haven’t lost the fact that my feet still stay dry. Next season I will be purchasing the same shoes.

These accessories are important for daily operation for me. I am sure many people have their favorites and it will vary with the type of work that is needed at your course. I have trusted these tools and shoes for years and have yet to be disappointed. I hope this will help someone that is looking for a great tool to rely on.

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