Robotic Turf Staff Always Show Up On Time

We've seen a rapid improvement in turf maintenance vehicles over the last few years. Electric mowers are becoming more popular because of their quiet, consistent reel speed and the rising cost of fuel. Some companies are looking at going even further and offering a robotic product that is pre-programed to mow at particular heights, speeds, patterns and frequencies. Efficiency is a good thing, but how far down this path do we want to go especially when robots are notorious for causing job losses. Here's a list of machines most likely to replace or at least help turf staff in the future.

The RG3 (Robotic Greens Mower 3)by Precise Path uses two lead acid batteries to run its 24-volt DC motor, and one to run its computer, offering about three hours of mowing before needing to be recharged. It weighs 650 pounds and goes 3.5 miles per hour. You can tell by this video that they are making a serious move towards golf courses.

Even the Golf Channel has featured the product!

The MAS Mower 01 from McMurtry utilizes a custom built cylinder cutting unit, adjustable for both cut height and blade separation. The unit can be orderd with a built in modem allowing the MAS Mower 01 to send a text message to the current user, informing them that the work is complete, or requesting attention is required. The user can also check the status of the vehicle, by sending it a text message. The vehicle will reply to this text message, with useful information such as work progress.

Powered by rechargable batteries driving electric motors, MAS Mower 01 can work for more than six hours unattended, with no emissions and at very low sound levels. At an average speed of 3.2 km/h (2mph) the machine is able ot cover in excess of 12,000 sq m (14,346 sq yds) before needing recharging.

Low maintenance and running costs are assured by the absence of a combustion engine and hydraulic system. A 48V battery charger is included with each vehicle, which requires only a single 13A socket.

McMurtry also produces a Tri Deck option which can mow 3.5 Acres per hour.

The CASMOBOT mowers, a Plant Nursing Robotics project, is producing a highly functional slope and thick vegetation mower. This product is still in the developer phase.

Another CASMOBOT product is under the Lynex name, this one is controlled using a Wii Remote. Safety First!

The Spider ILD02 radio-controlled slope mower is used for mowing slopes of above 50 degrees.

Personally I like the Hybrid option even though it's just remote control and not fully automated. Evatech has produced a machine that they claim is safe, produces 40% fuel savings, easy to use, and affordable.

Here's a few more for you.

(while we are at it there are a few other automated devices for the golf course nowadays, including ball return devicesball dispensersbag trolleys, and even golf carts are becoming fully automated)


You put together by far the best collection of informationand videos to these kinds of mowers very cool.

oh man, I'm totally going to loose my job because of these things DOWN WITH THE ROBOTS!!!!

These things are terrible, they are nothing but an RC blender with rotarys. Golfers never want their course to be run by robots. And what happends if it rains? And they are too heavy because of batteries.