EcoAid Helps Make Golf Even Greener!

After learning of the Open, late October in Scotsdale Arizona, making the commitment to become "Carbon Neutral" I had to learn more. I'll be speaking with tournament director Scott Reid soon about the motivations behind this project, but first I want to provide some background information on Carbon Offsetting. For this I went to Baron Bruno of EcoAid, the Arizona based company that was chosen to oversee the project. But before we dive into what Carbon Offsetting is, first lets look at EcoAid.

EcoAid promotes corporate and personal social responsibility by developing sustainability plans and green doctrines for companies to help them implement more eco-friendly business practices to lessen their carbon emissions/footprint. This helps them to run more efficiently and save money. EcoAid then helps these businesses to become fully carbon neutral by offsetting the company’s remaining carbon emissions not lessened though 'reduce, reuse and recycle' efforts by offering certified and verified carbon offsets that support a wide range of environmental projects like clean energy, reforestation and gas capture.

So what is all this Carbon stuff anyways? For that we go to Brendan Cook, Sustainability Director at EcoAid who'll be coordinating the Open project.

Climate Change. Carbon Credits. Cap & Trade. Carbon Footpri
nt. Greenhouse Gas. Confused? Don't be! There are a lot of buzzwords flying around lately when it comes to the science and business of Climate Change. In order to clear things up, here's a brief explanation about what it means to be Carbon Neutral. To determine your “carbon footprint” means to measure the amount of greenhouse gases that are being added to the atmosphere.

The term was coined from carbon dioxide, The primary human contributor to climate change. Other Greenhouse Gases include Methane and Nitrous Oxide. CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas which means it traps solar heat in our atmosphere 'changing' our climate's typical patterns. Whenever you use energy created from fossil fuels, you're generating carbon emissions. To offset your carbon emissions, or become Carbon Neutral, simply means to neutralize your part in the polluting of our environment.

Since carbon dioxide emissions are the principal human cause of climate change, carbon offsets are the key to promoting a greener environment. A carbon offset represents the carbon dioxide emissions accounted for in a certified project.
EcoAid's goal is to show that environmental activism is smart, proactive and part of a good business model. That’s why we are addressing Climate Change from all angles and actively offsetting the Ca
rbon footprint for the Open in October.

Interested in learning more? To determine your own carbon footprint and how you can shrink it, visit the EcoAid Carbon Calculator at