Golf Resort Reaches Green Suites Rating

When it comes to recognition for reaching high environmental standards on a golf course we tend to think of certification programs for the Turf Department. Recently Northern Bay Golf Resort just received it's "3 leaf" rating within the Green Suites certification program. Here's a little more info from
Green Suites® International is proud of the many environmental efforts the lodging industry has implemented. Many are our customers, some are not. Regardless, with gratitude and encouragement, we wish to recognize and honor hotels for what they have done to protect the planet.

What is Green Suites® CERTIFIED Green Hotel program?
It is an environmental marketing program designed to provide recognition and support for hotels seeking to become green, greener or greenest.

What environmental efforts qualify?

  • Linen Reuse Program
  • Water Efficient Toilets and Showerheads
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Chemicals
  • Lighting Retrofit
  • Energy Management System or any effort that saves water and energy, reduces waste and prevents toxicity and pollution.

Why be Certified?
According to the Travel Industry Association, over 60 million travelers and 78% of all Americans consider themselves environmentally conscious, with the majority willing to pay a premium for hotels with environmental programs.

Why Green Suites® CERTIFIED Green Hotel program?
As the lodging industry’s leading supplier of environmental products and programs, we’ve provided over 3000 hotels in 50 states and 40 countries with the products and programs that have saved billions of gallons of water, prevented over 50 million amenity packages from entering landfills and reduced global warming CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons since our founding in 1993. We are respected around the globe for our work and understanding of environmental issues.

Does our hotel have to be completely green to qualify?
Not at all, the Green Suites® International Certification Program is intended to reward and encourage hotels for what they have done, not for what they haven’t. There are very few truly green hotels in the world, but there are 1000s of hotels who have performed many important environmental initiatives that have positively impacted the environment. Green Suites® Certification is offered in 1-5 leaf ratings.